Quality Plants in Elle Pots for Fort Collins, CO


Eco-Friendly Growing Pots

Grow your plants faster and save yourself the hassle of recycling plant containers with plants grown in Elle Pots from Plantorium Greenhouse & Nursery. Elle Pots are made from cellulose paper that decomposes quickly. These pots allow plants to start growing faster with no negative impact on the environment.

For more information about Elle Pots, call our plant nursery at 970-482-9145.

Why Use Elle Pots?

  • They allow faster transplants.
  • Containers are finished faster.
  • They are of a higher quality than traditional containers.
  • They reduce greenhouse waste.
  • They allow for eco-friendly growing.
  • These pots are great for retail and landscaping projects.
  • No disposal required!
  • Elle Pots allow plant roots to grow freely.
Sunflowers - Greenhouse in Fort Collins, CO