The Plantorium Greenhouse & Nursery Fundraiser

Dear Future Fundraising Friends:

For organizations interested in fundraising, It works like this: The organization sells a coupon, or gift certificate, good for one 12" hanging basket. The coupon looks something like this:
Coupon - Greenhouse in Fort Collins, CO
You design your own coupon and sell the coupons to your customers. When the customer comes to our store, they simply exchange their coupon for the hanging basket they want. We have many different options for folks with shady patios, or sunny areas.

After the expiration date has passed, we will count all the redeemed coupons and send an invoice to the organization for the hanging baskets taken.

All unredeemed coupons are a 100% donation to the organization.

We offer this fundraiser for several different items. Here are the options and the prices for each:
poinsettias - Greenhouse in Fort Collins, CO
  • Geranium 1 qt
  • Geranium 1 gal
  • Geranium 2 gal
Hanging pink flowers - Greenhouse in Fort Collins, CO
  • 10" Basket
  • 12" Inch Basket
  • 14" Basket
Customer holding white and pink flowers - Greenhouse in Fort Collins, CO
  • 14" Moss Basket
  • 9" Planter
  • 15" Planter

Christmas-Time Fundraising

  • 6 1/2" Poinsettia w/ Foil & Bow
  • 8 1/2" Poinsettia w/Foil & Bow
  • 12" Hand Decorated Wreaths
Please contact Melanie at Plantorium Greenhouse & Nursery at 970-482-9145 if you are interested in starting a fundraiser. Thank you!